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Thought for the day: Mercy is not for a child, not for a city, not for a nation, not even for a world. Mercy is for the whole of the Imperium, and never less.

All information is knowledge that your characters know in-game, unless noted otherwise at the top of the page.


Recent Changes

You'll note that every page mysteriously aquires a "Thought for the day" at the top - I've been doing these randomly from Feel free to use that one or come up with your own - they don't have any actual effect, and I thought it'd be a nice touch.

Useful Links

  • [1] - pdf 5-page extended character sheet
    • [2] - pdf backgroundless version
  • [3] - zip of 2-page Dark Heresy summary for combat actions and more
  • [4] - Thought for the day generator
  • [5] - 40k name generator


The Reading of the Tarot of the Emperor

The Sveslor Subsector

Incident List


Character Page Template

The Unremitting Cell

Current XP: 6500 as of end of session 17

Category:Unremitting Cell

The (now defunct) Calimacrux Cell

Category:Calimacrux Cell

The Inquisitor

House Rules

  • Your 1 reaction/round resets when you take a turn, not at the beginning of the round (to prevent issues such as low initiative people dodging and then all-out attacking, which stops you from performing a dodge/parry reaction)
  • Healing: you heal 1 damage (regardless of critital level, light, or heavy damage) per day if active, or Toughness Bonus per day if inactive/being tended to. Medicae skill use still works as per the rulebook (1 level for heavy/critical, Intelligence Bonus of medic for light, wounds can only be treated once). Of course, the effects of critical damage will probably take a bit longer than a few days to recover from...
  • Attacks have completely changed (to the Black Crusade rules):
    • Standard Attack (Ranged & Melee) = Half Action, +10 To Hit
    • Semi-Auto/Swift Attack = Half Action, +0 To Hit, for every 2 DOS after the first you get another hit (up to weapon's maximum rate of fire/up to wielder's WS bonus)
    • Full-Auto/Lightning Attack = Half Action, -10 To Hit, for every DOS after the first you get another hit (up to weapon's maximum rate of fire/up to wielder's WS bonus)
    • All-out attack = Full action, +30 to hit, cannot dodge or parry
  • Fate points can also be burnt for the following things:
    • Avoid losing a limb (due to a critical hit)
    • Gaining corruption or insanity points
    • Gaining a mutation or an insanity
  • We won't be using the proper weight and encumbrance rules (which are always a pain), so think Inquisitor don't-take-the-kitchen-sink carrying capacity and you'll be fine. You'll need to buy backpacks, webbing, and other carrying gear for most things though. Using the guidelines from Deathwatch for carrying ability:
    • "In general, most characters can reasonably carry one or two main weapons (such as a boltgun, lasgun, or flamer), plus one or two secondary weapons (such as pistols or melee weapons), plus a few clips of extra ammo and several pieces of miscellaneous equipment in a backpack, satchel, or similar container."

Session Logs / Timeline

Year: 815 M41 - The Rise and Fall of the Calimacrux Cell

  • Session 0 - Inquisitorial Logs: Calimacrux Cell Acolyte Records
  • 095 - Session 1 21/10/2011 - Mission Report - Shattered Hope
  • 147 - Session 2 04/11/2011 - Damned Cities, Part 1
  • 148 - Session 3 18/11/2011 - Damned Cities, Part 2
  • 149 - Session 4 02/12/2011 - Mission Report - Damned Cities
  • Session 4.5 - Inquisitorial Logs: Calimacrux Cell Acolyte Records, Additional
  • 211 - 1-day stop-over at Amduena
  • 270 - Arrival at Tu-Shar, aboard Imperial Navy Destroyer Fractus (18 days ahead of schedule)
  • 270-277 - Session 5 04/02/2011 - The disappearance of Priest Mallear at Tu-Shar
  • 279 - Arrival at Montt, aboard Imperial Navy Destroyed Fractus (5 days ahead of schedule)
  • 279-323 - Session 6 10/02/2011 - Montt and the infiltration of the Unrelenting Pride.
  • 324 - Session 7 17/02/2011 - Pirates + Mission Report - Priest Maellar
  • 339 - Arrival at Sveslor, aboard the Drunken Dolphin (6 days ahead of schedule)
  • 339-341 - Session 8 02/03/2011 - Trouble on Sebrian
  • 341-342 - Session 9 16/03/2011 - Daemonhost + Urgent Communique
  • 355 - Arrival at Amduena, aboard the Guardian's Reach (2 days ahead of schedule)
  • 355-356 - Interlude: A meeting with Trantor
  • 368 - Arrival at Saijad, aboard the Reveille (2 days ahead of schedule)
  • 368-370 - Session 10 13/04/2011 - Investigating the Mechanicus
  • 370-375 - Session 11 27/04/2011 - Dining with the Mechanicus
  • 375 - Arrival at Gorane, aboard the Last Oration (4 days ahead of schedule)
  • 376-377 - Session 12 04/05/2011 - Psychic Shenanigans

Year 815 M41 continued - The Sveslor Rift

  • 377 - Gorane - An unknown event in the governmental levels of Hive Thyratia causes the deaths of a significant proportion of the Administratum, Adeptus Arbites, and Imperial Guard presence. Subsequent rioting and mayhem collapses significant sections of the hive. +++INQUISITION ONLY+++ Event confirmed by astropaths to be unconstrained warp breach.
  • 412 - Gorane - The ongoing unrest is mostly brought to an end, culminating in the mass purge of large sections of the governmental levels to remove any remaining taint. Adeptus Arbites, Imperial Guard, and PDF forces face ongoing difficulties in the lower levels of the hive, even after PDF reinforcements from Hive Aenid and Hive Mae are flown in.
  • 424 - Sebrian - Imperial Navy Frigate Fractus is destroyed by pirates in Sebrian. The IN Cruiser Vigilanis is sent to investigate after Fractus fails to report, and is driven off by numerous pirate vessels of varying classes. Sebrian is quarantined.
  • 441 - Tejal - A congregation of pilgrims led by Priest Mallear is killed at the site of the Sanctified Cathedral of Saint Levincraft. Unconfirmed reports of an unidentified beast result in PDF mobilisation, and due to a series of errors results in a fifteen hour war between three parts of the responding PDF forces and the demolition of the Cathedral. Mass pilgrim uprisings ensue on the planet, and as word spreads corresponding unrest of varying severity occurs on nearly all planets of the Sveslor Subsector. +++INQUISITION ONLY+++ Warp breach detected on-world at this time, unknown if any connection exists.
  • 453 - Alcinos - Ongoing difficulties with meat processing and transportation result in the closure of half of the processing facilities on Alcinos, pending Adeptus Mechanicus rectification.
  • 499 - Gorane - Drop in fleshstuff imports from Alcinos due to aforementioned closures results in mass riots in all three hives on Gorane.
  • 505 - Saijad - A delegation of the Adeptus Administratum, concerned about ongoing poor performance - in part due to lack of imports from Sebrian due to the quarantine - is murdered by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Skittari regiments quickly seize control of Lionus Fall. Governor of Saijad, Sir Raltus, manages to restore order under the condition that the Administratum is from this day forth holds no power over the Mechanicus and are merely there as observers and record keepers. The Mechanicus imposes martial law over Saijad. +++INQUISITION ONLY+++ Warp breach detected on-world at this time, unknown if any connection exists.
  • 510 - Sveslor - Word of Saijad's secession from the formal ranks of the Imperium (due to the removal of Administratum oversight) reaches Sveslor, and the repaired IN Cruiser Vigilanis is sent to restore Imperial Rule.
  • 531 - Saijad - After an abnormally long warp transit, the Vigilanis is confirmed to reach Saijad. No further reports are received from the cruiser.
  • 569 - Amduena - The Chapel of the Revealed Emperor is the site of a mass murder as an unknown assailant slaugters their way through the entire congression, culminating in the death of Sir Ishmael, the planetary governor. Subsequent unrest is ongoing as various factions, both loyalist and heretic, clash openly in the streets. The Adeptus Arbites and the Planetary Defence Forces are but more sides in the ongoing mayhem, especially as both have split into various factions which disagree - often violently - on the best method to curb the violence. +++INQUISITION ONLY+++ Warp breach detected on-world at this time, unknown if any connection exists.

Year 815 M41 continued - The Unremitting Inquisition

Inquisitorial Archive Records 815M41

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