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Status: On Indefinite Hiatus

Next Session: TBA

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Useful Links

  • [1] - 2-page character sheet which seems much better than the standard one since it has space for combat stats, movement, and stuff.
  • [2] - zip of two one-page combat and social summaries
  • Portrait Generator


Doing heroic things in and around Whitewall, the circle are:

  • Kai, one man army.
  • Katya, leader of the Tribe of the Wolf.
  • Surtak, diplomat and captain of the Glorious Harbinger.
  • Tanim, recently bereaved sorcerer.
  • Valka, likes a good fight.

Important NPCs


  • Dawn Caste, Kai Gaidan, played by Craig
  • Zenith Caste, Katya, played by Matt
  • Twilight Caste, Tanim Silver Skies Scholar, played by Luke
  • Eclipse Caste, Surtak Wind Stalker, played by Rudi
  • Dawn Caste, Valka Arbjornsdottr, played by Tom

Session Logs

Chapter 1 - 5th August 2011 - 22nd June 2013

Chapter 2 - 20th June 2014 - 1st February 2015

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