Anna-Helena Tepet

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Anna-Helena Tepet


Anna-Helena Tepet, called Annalena by her closest companions, is the captain of the mercenary company The Pale Horse, although she prefers to use the equivalent Realm rank of Dragon Lord. The daughter of a House Tepet dynast Anna-Helena received an excellent education but, at the age of 15 and with terrestrial exaltation looking unlikely, Anna-Helena struck out on her own to become a mercenary adventurer. She joined The Pale Horse, at the time run by the renown Dragon Blooded mercenary general Serkan Haydar, as a common soldier and through merit worked her way to officer before finally being elected to lead the company upon Serkan’s death. Anna-Helena has survived some of the largest and bloodiest battles in the recent history of the scavenger lands and between this and her upbringing she is equally at home on the battlefield, in camp amidst soldiers, at the negotiating table or at high society events.


Anna-Helena Tepet.jpg

Anna-Helena is 45 at the start of the campaign but despite the often hard life of a mercenary she looks to be in her mid 30s, the influence of good genes and solar exaltation. Of mixed Realm/North heritage. The mercenary life has left its mark, literally, as she has more than her fair share of scars including three upon her face. Although noticeable they’ve healed well and are far from disfiguring. Skilled enough to make it appear effortless and genuine, Anna-Helena usually ensures that her body language and demeanour are carefully chosen and presented for each situation, either to hide her feelings and goals, to achieve some desired outcome or both. Anna-Helena has nothing which could be described as a typical outfit. Raised amongst the intense political and social competition between the great houses she learnt that a social event, engagement or even perception can be just as decisive as any battle if not more so. As a result appearance is just as important a tool to achieve your goals as any sword or armour. Each outfit she wears is carefully selected to convey the messages she wants to send and to influence how others perceive her. But there are some styles she wears more often than others. In battle she wears an ornate reinforced breastplate of realm forged steel over a fine red woollen knee length coat and with a tiger pelt draped across her left shoulder and running down across her chest and back to her right hip and secured by an ornate clasp at the upper chest. Her armour, along with that of her men frequently have a pair of stylised wings attached to the back. For day to day wear she favours knee length riding boots, leather reinforced breeches, linen shirts and a quilted padded jacket reinforced with chainmail. She frequently wears several pieces of jewellery, all of which, like her clothes have been selected with care but she always wears a House Tepet signet ring on her right ring finger. Anna-Helena wears a sabre and long dagger expertly forged for her from the best Realm steel, usually on her left and right hip respectively.

Notable Events Prior to the Start of the Campaign

  • Due to having purchased several dots of the influence merit these events are known to the public within the Scavenger Lands/Hundred Kingdoms area.

16-10 years prior to the start of the campaign:

As a talon captain of cavalry in The Pale Horse Anna-Helena fought against the Realm as part of the Scavenger Lands Coalition. The war lasted for 6 years and culminated in the Battle of the Fallen Dragons, which took place over the strategic crossing over the River of Tears at the relatively small town of Nathir. The battle was extremely vicious and bloody with tens of thousands of soldiers dead and many Dragon Bloods either dead or injured. After this battle neither side had the strength to continue the war and the scale and extent of the violence which occurred turned Nathir into a Shadowland.

5 years prior to the start of the campaign:

As Dragon Lord of The Pale Horse’s cavalry Anna-Helena fought against The Mask of Winters as part of an alliance between Lookshy and Nexus. The conflict lasted nine months and ended with the Massacre of Bitter Crossing. The allied force had forded a river and entered territory controlled by Thorns only to be ambushed by a combined force of mortal soldiers, ghosts, animate dead and abyssal exalted. Once the battle had started one thousand of The Pale Horse who had been left to guard the camp on the north of the river betrayed their comrades and marched away from the battle in exchange for payment from The Mask of Winters. Of the remaining two thousand only five hundred managed to fight their way free, led by their Dragon Blooded general Serkan Haydar and Anna-Helena. Serkan Haydar, Anna-Helena’s mentor was killed by abyssal exalted covering The Pale Horse’s retreat.

3 years prior to the start of the campaign:

Now elected as leader of The Pale Horse Anna-Helena spent a year tracking down their former comrades who betrayed them at The Bitter Crossing and planning their vengeance. After a month of paving the way Anna-Helena led The Pale Horse into the city of Marita during calibration where their former comrades were quartered and they fell upon them while they were enjoying the calibration festival. Each of their former comrades was hunted down and killed during the final night of calibration while effort was made to ensure that this action was public so that everyone would understand that The Pale Horse would not tolerate betrayal, either of themselves or their contract. The Pale Horse then marched out of Marita before the city could marshal a response.

2 months prior to the start of the campaign:

Now in the Hundred Kingdoms Anna-Helena was hired by a local ruler to help resolve a territorial dispute with a neighbour. The two sides violently hated each other and had been engaging in war on and off for decades. Faced with the prospect of a pitched battle and the potential loss of a large number of her soldiers Anna-Helena, under a flag of truce, managed to persuade both parties to negotiate. The negotiations lasted for over twelve hours and Anna-Helena managed to broker an alliance between the two sides, form a bond of friendship between the two rulers and arrange a marriage between their children to cement the peace for the future.

Anima Banner

A great golden griffin, rearing up with wings spread and radiating a corona of brilliant white light.


  • Current Disposition of The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse

Normal Equipment

  • Finely crafted Realm forged sabre (slashing sword)

Mundane Sabre 1.jpg

  • Finely crafted Realm forged dagger (knife)
  • Composite Bow
  • Lance
  • Ornate reinforced breastplate

Mundane Armour 1.jpg

  • Chainmail reinforced quilted jacket (Buff Coat)


  • Writing equipment, maps and cases
  • Spyglass
  • Horse
  • Violin


Short Term

To return The Pale Horse to its former size and glory


  • Defining

Tie: The Pale Horse mercenary company (Love and Respect)

Tie: Her Soldiers (Responsibility/Care/Respect/Love)

  • Major

Principle: A deal honestly and fairly struck should be honoured

Principle: Loyalty deserves to be rewarded, betrayal deserves to be punished

Tie: Mask of Winters (Hatred)

Tie: Abyssal Exalted (Hatred)

  • Minor

Tie: House Tepet (Affection/Respect)

Tie: The institution of the Realm (Respect)

Tie: The undead/Underworld spirits (Animosity)

Tie: River (Respect)

Tie: Wind Follower (Respect)