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Great Bear Who Protects, Storbjarndyr Hvarr Vardi in his native Skytongue but just Bear most of the time, Bear grew up in the far north east where the dense forests of the east meet the snow and ice of the north. He comes from a large, close knit family, itself part of a large and close-knit clan but Bear stood out as different, marked by the gods. Even before exaltation Bear was blessed with great physical abilities and the knack of making friends anywhere. As he grew up he learnt to hunt, to ride and to fight along with the myriad other skills needed to survive and thrive in his clan’s homeland and, as important as any of those, he learnt of the gods and how they protect and guide. Bear has great respect for the will of the gods and fate, his people know that there are events in a man’s life which are determined by fate and that the gods place challenges before a man to test what kind of man he is. To Bear and his people this is only common sense and he often seeks out omens to help him understand the gods’ will.

Bear has a strong wanderlust, even by the standards of his wide-ranging clansmen, as soon as Bear was old enough he started joining the trading and raiding expeditions his clan would carry out during the warmer months. He found that each held challenges which he enjoyed but above all he enjoyed the opportunity to encounter something new. As time passed he found himself no longer as satisfied with journeying the same, well-trodden regions and so he began to join expeditions travelling further and further afield and while this satisfied his wanderlust for a time he grew dissatisfied again. Eventually he began to travel on his own, travelling further than anyone in his clan had ever gone, to the seek out new and challenging bargains, fights or places to explore. He sailed to the far end of the White Sea and Mela’s Fangs, explored deep into the north-eastern forests, travelled as far south as Sijan and Lookshy, the Inner Sea and Gloam and has on occasion even ventured into the shadow lands of Gradafes and the Fields of Woe, all in search of new challenges and experiences.

A little over a year ago Bear began to have dreams, omens which indicated that his fate may no longer be in the north, amongst his people. He sought out the clan’s shaman and consulted with him about these omens. The shaman revealed that Bear’s fate was far to the south and that the gods desired that he go and find it. It was unclear exactly what this fate was but he must be there to face it and that many great challenges would be placed before him as a part of this fate. Bear gathered his things, equipping himself for a great journey, took his leave of his family and clan and set off south to meet his fate.


Bear looks to be in his late 40s or early 50s with sea green eyes and salt and pepper hair. He is tall, heavily muscled and broad shouldered although the sculpted muscle definition of his youth has begun to give way to a more stocky muscular appearance. The sides and back of his head are kept closely shaved while the hair on top is allowed to grow long and is usually drawn back into a shoulder length tail. Bear also has a thick moustache and beard which grows to mid chest length and is typically worn in a mix of braids and loose. Both his hair and beard also usually have several small occult and religious charms, of carved bone or precious metals, significant to his clan woven into them. His torso and arms have many tattoos worked on them of spiritual and occult significance, intended to ward away misfortune, provide protection and seek the favour of the gods. Bear has also acquired many scars over the course of his adventures, some from animals, some from weapons and some from more supernatural sources which he wears with pride.

Bear’s clothes are cut in a simple fashion but are of good quality materials, well made and designed for travel. He typically wears a comfortably fitting shirt and a pair of trousers, a pair of calf length leather boots and a broad leather belt. In colder weather he also wears a woollen cloak with several wolf pelts across the shoulders. Bear also usually wears a protective charm around his neck and wears several other pieces of jewellery such as finger and arm rings, as much as a means of carrying his wealth as for adornment. Bear also frequently wears a reinforced buff jacket of heavy leather with sections of chainmail and furs. Any weapon Bear owns tends to be functional and minimally adorned. He has a pair of hand axes which, when he has them on him he tends to wear one on each hip, he also has a straight sword which when carried is usually slung over his right shoulder and a round shield which also is slung across his back. Finally Bear usually has a pair of knives at his belt and he has three javelins although these he only brings with him if he knows he’s heading into a fight or a hunt. Any smaller items and travelling gear are kept in a sturdy pack and set of saddlebags.

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Anima Banner

A complex arrangement of the characters for Oath, Consequence, Binding and Justice formed of golden white light form around Bear appearing to the viewer in the language best known to them while whispered at the edge of hearing are oaths sworn in all languages of creation and the lamentations of oath breakers.



2 hand axes

1 straight sword

1 round shield

2 knives

3 javelins


1 reinforced buff jacket


Travelling supplies including pack, saddle bags, bedroll, small tent, cooking utensils, materials for making fire, snares, water skins, bandages and simple medicines.

Writing utensils, ink and waterproof wrappings for protecting books.

Several books, some blank, some full and one partly filled with writing in Skytongue and sketches recording the places Bear has been, peoples he’s met and challenges he’s faced.

Occult supplies sufficient for basic or simple rituals and practices for interacting with and warding away spirits.

A few small trophies from some prior adventures.



Defining: Your legacy is what defines you, endeavour to leave creation in a better state than it was in your lifetime (principle)

Major - Evil cannot be allowed to go unopposed (Principle)

Major - Deathlords (Hate)

Major - Oathbreakers (Disgust)

Major - Warriors (Respect)

Major - Honour the gods and fate (Principle)

Major - Gods (Respect)

Minor - Success and achievement should be celebrated (principle)

Minor - Cowards (Pity)

Minor - A fair profit is a good thing (principle)