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Fourteenth Carver of the Glass Terrace is a young woman on a mission from the unconquered sun. Newly exalted, she is driven on by the cryptic messages in her dreams and his eternal guilt. Carver was once a member of the Shadow Moon, a secretive organisation dedicated to the overthrow of corrupt and mad nobles. Hidden from their willing adherants, the organisation's true purpose is as insidious as it is sinister. Having come into possession of the truth, Carver renounced the Shadow Moon and now seeks to destroy them before their evil floods the land in darkness.

Carver travels with her mother, Sixteenth Tiler of the Moonsilver Pagoda, who she dotes upon. Until recently, Tiler was crippled by roofer’s disease, a malady of the joints caused by prolonged exposure to rare metals. This has been cured by Prodigy of the River's Heart but her recovery is a slow and agonising process.


Carver appears as if she were hewn from the living rock. Tall and broad of shoulder, he is an imposing figure. A stern frown from Carver can cow as a svelte nubile young woman of fair complexion, her dance able to sway any prospective criminal away from the path of evil. If the evildoer has already transgressed, Carver's fists are quick to mete out justice. Despite her fearsome exotic countenance, she is a friend to the common folk and values those who place the well-being of others above theirs.

Raised in an insular mountain community, Carver's mannerisms and understanding of normal behaviour are out of step with those of the Glen of the Viridian Rivers, something that causes her traveling companion, Prodigy of the River's Heart, much trouble.

Carver is dressed in the simple but sturdy clothes of a craftsman and carries a bag with her meager posessions.

Anima Banner

A great golden circle containing the old-realm glyph for Justice/Vengeance is inscribed in the air behind Carver.


Carver's only belongings are the clothes on her back and her father's tools.


To drive the hidden evils of the world into the light of day where they can be destroyed.


Intimacy Level
The Shadow Moon cannot be allowed to exist" Defining
"Justice is meted out with one's fists" Major
Raven's Weeping Heart (Hate) Major
Mother (Love) Major
Priest Aldbur Fire-Devil (Loyalty) Major
Prodigy of the River's Heart (Gratitude) Minor
Wind Follower (Brotherhood) Minor
Dragonlord Tepet (Contempt) Minor
Craftspeople (Respect) Minor
Commoners from Jamidari (Pity) Minor
Nobles from Jamidari (Disgust) Minor
Flute Music (Distaste) Minor

The Shadow Moon

On the eve of Carver’s sixteenth birthday, a mysterious stranger visited Jamidari. Though she was clearly of noble bearing she had not come to stay in one of the many sumptuous pavilions. Instead, she walked amongst the common folk tending to their troubles. Her name was Raven’s Weeping Heart but she soon was soon to become known as Sensei Raven. Gathering the young dissenters around her she whispered of revolution.

Gathering her new followers in an abandoned wing of the Waterfall Palace, Sensei Raven began teaching them the way of the fist. Physiques hardened by years of labour, the youths took to the martial arts quickly. By day, they would go about their work as decreed by the lords. By night, they would train and absorb the teachings of their true master. They were soon inducted into the ranks of the secret organisation known only as the Shadow Moon. The chosen warriors would lie still, Raven told her recruits, gaining strength until it was time to strike. Then, in one night of cleansing violence, cells all over the hundred kingdoms would rise up and overthrow their abusive lords ushering in an age of freedom for the downtrodden.

As the seasons passed, the Shadow Moon grew in strength. Sensei Raven left to nurture more cells but would return periodically to Jamidari to check on the progress of her protégés. It was when Raven was away, on a cold day in the season of air, that a traveller came to Jamidari bearing a message for her. Carver took the letter, for Raven was expected to return on the morrow and the traveller was in great haste. Reverence replaced by curiosity, Carver unsealed the letter. What if the time for revolution had come? Jamidari would not be left behind! Hoping for the signal to strike, Carver instead discovered the truth behind the Shadow Moon.

Despite her honeyed words, Raven did not serve the common folk. She was a pawn of the Mask of Winters, dread lord of the cursed city of Thorns! The Shadow Moon would not win freedom for the people. They would topple their rulers only to replace them with a tyrant more powerful and cruel than they could ever imagine. That night, Carver called a meeting of his comrades to reveal the truth. To his dismay, these revelations fell on ears deafened by zealotry. Why would he spout such falsehoods if not sent by the lords of Jamidari to poison the righteous warriors against the cause? Though it had never been said, all knew the only sentence for traitors was death.

Carver had learned much of the martial arts but even a warrior as skilled as he could not hope to survive against twenty or more of his equals. As the blows rained down upon him his body began to buckle. His bones cracked, blood seeping from his bruised body. His mind screamed for the strength to resist the savage beating. As his vision faded, he began to despair.

He awoke reborn in the brilliant light of the dawn. Reflexes quick as lightning. Muscles strong as the mighty yeddim. Skin tough as orichalcum. The warriors of the Shadow Moon faltered in the face of his unfolding glory. Before them they saw not a defeated traitor but the Grim Vengeance of the Sun. Casting about himself with blows that shook the air, the gold-clad warrior sent his assailants flying When the battle was done, Carver stood alone in a room filled with the broken bodies of those he once called friend.