Episode 11

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The Violent Option

The Battle for the Glen

  • River summons an immense fire elemental to fight for the city.
  • He also musters the strongest of the city's spirits to defend it.
  • Oboreta inspires the town guard and raises their spirits.
  • The others prepare the weapons and make ready for the coming fight.

  • On the morning of the fifth day of calibration, the wyld horde advances on the walls.
  • The charge is led by the golems, stolen from the defences around the drunken tower.
  • They slam themselves against the walls of the city and drive cracks into the defences.
  • One slams down the gate.
  • A flock of blue eagles descends upon the battlements and rips into the defenders.
  • This is bad.

  • Wren activates White reaper form and starts to scythe his way through the rank and file.
  • Wind follower snipes important people from the rooftops.
  • River spews sorcery out into the battle.
  • Oboreta and Bear hold the gate.

  • Kar'tao, the lunar, shape-shifts and barrels into the defenders of the gate.
  • Soon Bear is fighting Bear.
  • The fair folk flashes onto the walls and becomes embroiled in the melee.
  • He summons a horde of apparitions to fight with him.
  • These are hewn down in short order by Wren and Oboreta.

  • The walls south of the gate fall and the bandits rush in.
  • Wren gives chase and hunts them down.
  • The cat-beast that serves as the Bramble-lord's mount jumps across the rooftops and mauls Wind Follower.
  • Sensing that it is not of the wyld, Wind Follower reaches out to it and calms its rage.
  • They develop an unspoken bond and go forth to fight side by side.

  • In the gateway, Oboreta and Bear square off against the lunar and the fair folk.
  • The fight is bitter and bloody.
  • River joins in, hurling sorcerous bolts at the fair folk.
  • Unable to weather the onslaught, one such projectile carves a bloody hole through the warlord's chest.
  • One down.
  • The lunar gets beaten to the brink of the beyond and yields.

  • The wyld threat destroyed, the city picks up the pieces.
  • Many died when the bandits rushed into the town and there are significant repairs to be made.
  • Still, the city still stands and is free (for a certain value of free).

  • Bloodied but unbowed, the exalts make their way back to the sanctum.
  • The guardian does not speak, it knows they are ready.
  • In front of them, the sanctum opens.