Glen of the Viridian Rivers

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City Proper

The ancient city of Glen of the Viridian Rivers is approximately 8km in diameter, is surrounded by a 25km long, 5 metre high stone wall. The wall has a wooden walkway along the inside to allow archers to fire over the top. Made out of locally-quarried granite, the wall is very solid and has withstood more than a few wars during the reign of the Scarlett Empress.

The current population of the city is approximately 53,000, however the city is capable of housing nearly double that number. About half of the houses in the city lay empty and abandoned, with two thirds of those in various stages of disrepair, ranging from broken shutters and doors to collapsed walls and roofs. The majority of the city is constructed from locally-sourced timber, and to deal with the corresponding risk of fire there are numerous boreholes and wells along with stockpiles of sand dotted around the city, both to provide fresh water to citizens but also in case of emergency.

Town Square

  • Immaculate Temple - an ancient white marble building which has seen better days, but still stands imposing above the rest of the city. The facade has recently been repaired, and the inside has been lovingly cared for with much of the finery and the great chandelier restored.
    • Priest Aldbur Fire-devil, Righteous Devil style martial artist. A fire-caste dragonblood, Aldbur is the last remaining member of his circle of Immaculate monks. A grizzled veteran of conflicts large and small, he has heard of the fall of the Scarlet Empress and the infighting of the houses of the realm from afar. He is the military commander of the city and surrounds.
  • Town Hall - a low wooden building with stone foundations, the town hall is often used for gatherings of the upper class in the Glen of the Viridian Rivers in addition to governmental events.
    • Lady Isume Kekiha, the civilian governess of the city. A calm and easily likeable individual.

Market Square

Every day, the market square is filled with people of all kinds during the day. Notable events include:

  • From first light - employment fair. Employers looking for labour of all kinds - both skilled and unskilled - take turns based on a random draw to offer jobs to the crowd of hopeful workers. Employers only get one chance to make their case, otherwise they have to wait until everyone else has had a go before the next round of offers is run.
  • Morning - local people sell their wares, as they do not need to travel far.
  • Late morning to early afternoon - more remote people come in to the city to sell their wares, before returning home in the afternoon
  • Evening - On days with good weather, street food vendors flock to the market square and people gather to partake in the food market for the evening meal.

Locations and stalls in the market stall are on a first-come basis, however around the outside of the square are buildings owned or rented by regular traders, businesses, and trading companies.

Madame Pherdon's

Madame Pherdon's can be variously described as a bar, an inn, a dancing hall, and a hostel, depending on who is doing the describing. Depending on the evening and the event, Madame Pherdon's is either the most low market dive filled with drunken slobs and scantily-clad wrenches, or the most upmarket concert hall filled with well-dressed business leaders.

  • Madame Pherdon, the very motherly owner of this fine establishment.

Mr Rensa's Boarding House

A sprawling block of rooms, apartments, and flats, Mr Rensa's boarding house is the location where most people who do not have relatives or friends stay while visiting the city.

  • Mr Rensa, the boarding house landlord.


Woodgate is the East gate of the city, into the farming plains. Woodgate is a large gate with a thick granite tower on each side.


Watergate is the North-West gate of the city, and huddles behind the Ancient Gatebridge across the Evergreen River.


Firegate is the South gate of the city, leading to the Burning Bridge across the Bottle River.

Other locations and people

  • Sacred Dolphin, a guild member

Floating Piers

These are the docks just to the North of the city and the Ancient Gatebridge.

Burning Bridge

This is the wooden bridge to the South of the city, just outside Firegate, which crosses the Bottle River.

Flaming Wharf

The Northern bank of the Bottle River has been built up with locally-quarried granite, to create a riverside wharf for barges from upstream to dock.

Ancient Gatebridge

The Ancient Gatebridge is a white marble bridge across the Evergreen River. It is comprised of two great arched spans, and in the centre above the centre pier there is a massive white marble gatehouse complete with double doors, portcullis, and a tower on either side which have a commanding view of the surrounding landscape.