Oboreta Shōjo

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Oboreta does not know a lot about her life, but she does know that is not her real name and that she has something important to do.

She is the leader of the Immaculate Conception dance troupe, taking over from the former Master 'E. No one in the troupe speaks of what happened to the old Master.


Oboreta stands at 5'8" with a lithe atheletic body, sculpted to near perfection for her performances. Her complexion is fair and her facial features show hints of the North instead of the east.

Her hair changes style and colour each day to match her mood, duties or planned performance, done so by an extensive stage wig collection used by the troupe. Similarly a large wardrobe aides in always having something to wear.

Normal Clothes: Oboreta Normal.jpg

Performing Clothes: Oboreta Performing.jpg

Travelling Clothes: Oboreta travelling.jpg

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A shimmering golden Nine Tailed Fox.


Immaculate Conception Dance Troupe - Dancers

1) Machi - The former head dancer of the troupe and woman left in charge when Oboreta is otherwise occupied.

2) Nassa - An experienced fire dancer, uses flames to accentuate her performance.

3) Miho - Sword dancer, a heavenly sword maiden of few words

4 and 5) Uh and Oh - Twin tumblers





10) Farid - Male contortionist - the ICDT tailors to all discerning tastes and provides eye candy for the men and women alike.

11) Tada - A giant of a man, he is often confused as one of the stage hands but provides a vital function to the show. He acts as the strong base to hold up the girls for certain stunts or acrobatics and is frequently concealed by props and costumes.

12) Nicole - the newest member of the group, she has yet to make it into the main act (partly due to her mouth)


Who are you, Comrade Questions?


Intimacy Level
Tie - Immaculate Conception Dance Troupe - Protective Mother Defining
Tie - Agent - Annoying necessity Minor
Tie - Brackish water - Uneasiness Minor
Tie - Immaculate Faith - cost of doing businesss Major
The Finer Things in Life Major
Everything Has a Price Major
A Suckers Born Every Minute Minor
Some Dance to Remember Minor
Some Dance to Forget Minor