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Prodigy of the River's Heart


Prodigy of the River's Heart; River to his friends


Prodigy of the River's Heart

River is a young man, around 21 years old, with a look of both youthful naivety and great wisdom about him. He has pale blue/grey eyes, which, during heavy weather, seem to swirl in harmony with the storm.

He is dressed in a well made purple cloak with yellow trim, and matching shirt and trousers, and well worn boots (see illustration). His hair is held back in a ponytail with blue ribbon, and his beard runs along his jawline and chin, leaving his cheeks and upper lip bare. After his fateful encounter with the Fair Folk noble King Bramble Hat the Bramble Lord, Fourteenth of His Name, River has acquired a scar from his forehead to top lip, leaving him a milky left eye and a permanent snarl.

River never goes anywhere without his staff, simple yet well made from a single piece of dark wood. He has many pouches on his belt, for herbs and other consumables, and always carries his satchel, filled with books, scrolls and other scholarly items.

Finally, River is accompanied by Ori, a baby red panda, only a few months old. Ori possesses the curiosity of youth, and will hide in the many folds of Rivers cloak when frightened.

Anima Banner

A hurricane of scrolls, covered in Old Realm script containing stories of the First Age, for any quick enough to read them.



  • Traveller's Staff - River's first great project (Exalted 3e, pp 601)
  • Universal Bracers of Crafting - A farewell gift from the Arbiter of the Forgotten Glade (Exalted 3e, pp 602)

Normal Equipment

  • Knife


  • A veritable grab bag of common medicinal herbs - sourced from Nature or village healers along his travels



River's Diary