Viridian River Territory

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The wider region of control of the Glen of Viridian Rivers has a population of approximately 120,000.


Drunken Tower

What remains of an old fort, the Drunken Tower now stands at a slight lean towards the river. A shanty town has been built up over the years around it, and it is a favoured rest point for barges travelling up and down river.

Village of Earth

Village of Air

A small village on the North-West road out of the Glen, towards the majority of the Hundred Kingdoms and onwards to the Scavenger Lands.

  • Miss Riron, the young militia leader
  • Blacksmith Terend
  • Barman Rock Belly

Village of Wood

A small village on the Eastern edge of the Viridian River Territories, this village is the gateway into the Wild Woods.

  • Tavernkeeper Mr Ronward

Village of Fire

Village of Water


Evergreen River

Bottle River

Emerald Ridge

Emerald Forest


Tipsy Forest

Rolling Log Hills

Wild Woods